Chatterbox Games - Chelsea

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Chelsea is the childhood friend of Laura. The two met in preschool, and hit it off as BFFs from day one.

Chelsea and Laura did everything together. They were captain and co-captain of the cheer squad, often wore the same clothes, and attended the same parties. Eventually the two graduated together, and then became roommates throughout their college years.

However there was secret dissention among the two. While Chelsea loved Laura, and would do anything for her, she also harbored feelings of inadequacy. Chelsea felt that she was always second place in their friendship. If the two were on the same team, Laura was the captain, and Chelsea co-captain. Laura always dated the hottest boy, as Chelsea was stuck dating his friends.

After college the two got married. Laura marrying a prized MMA champion, Chelsea marrying his trainer. However Chelsea was finally first to Laura in one category, she was first to be divorced.

Despite Chelsea hidden feelings, the two remain BFFs. But does she finally have the chance to take something that belongs to Laura?