Chatterbox Games - Chloe

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Cute as a button, and as American as grandma's apple pie. This little cutie is all daddy's girl.

Chloe is the five year old daughter of the main character. She loves gymnastics, reading, swimming, and cooking with mommy; but her favorite thing is tea parties with daddy.

Chloe's life has recently been thrown into turmoil. Three months ago daddy disappeared, and she doesn't know why. All she knows so far is that daddy showed up for a few minutes after being away for so long and said he was in the hospital and is all better now. However mommy asked daddy to leave, and then later told her that daddy was lying to her and him being gone is for a much different reason.

She often lay in her bed at night and cries herself to sleep. What if what mommy told her is true, and if it is true...then why?