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Kaylee was raised from a very young age by Jason and Sarah Johnson, and was their foster daughter until she emancipated a little over a year ago. Kaylee repeatedly refused to be adopted by Jason and Sarah due to their oppressive parenting.

Kaylee experienced the same pressures of maintaining the image of the perfect family that Lexi has been forced to endure. The pressures placed upon Kaylee as a child took its toll on her, and at the age of 15 she started to rebel against Sarah by sneaking out at night and partying with boys.

Knowing that it would anger Sarah to no end, Kaylee worked hard to cultivate the image of a party girl. While this has caused small scandals within the church, and rumors that the Johnsons have lost control of their family's moral values, most write it off as Kaylee "following in her biological parents' footsteps, and it must be in her genes".

After graduating from high school and emancipating, Kaylee sought to put distance between herself and Sarah by enrolling in an out of state university. However without the financial support of the Johnsons, Kaylee was unable to continue paying her tuition and living expenses.

In order to complete school, she was forced to enroll in the nearby religious university that Sarah insists her children will attend. Kaylee is currently taking a summer class to facilitate the transfer of credits from her previous college and keep her education on track.

Returning to her hometown has been a mixed blessing. On one hand she is forced to deal with Sarah again, and on the other she has been reunited with the person who means the most to her, her little sis, and best friend Lexi.