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Lexi is the only biological daughter of Jason and Sarah Johnson. With her father being a famous TV evangelist and best selling author, her upbringing has been luxurious and spoiled in some ways, but oppressive in others.

Having just turned 18, and graduated from a strict religious high school, Lexi is set to enter college at a nearby university of her parent's choosing.

Lexi's mother Sarah has expressed concern and exasperation over Lexi's attitude of late. It seems that she has grown tired of Sarah's constant pressure to live up the expectations of church parishioners, and maintain the image of a perfect family, often at the expense of Lexi's childhood.

With the influence of Lexi's older foster sister Kaylee; she has finally started to gain some independence from her mother's oppressive expectations. However not long before graduating high school, Lexi started to receive creepy letters from an unknown admirer, and her mother soon realized that her daughter may be in mortal danger.

Her frustration has grown more intense with every passing day, as she was kept isolated at home while her mother searched for a suitable bodyguard to protect Lexi, effectively ending her summer before it even began.

The rest of Lexi's story is in your hands.